The Pigeons Come Home

Even though we normally read only linked excerpts of his columns, Victor Davis Hanson offers up an excellent analysis of the Democrats' current dilemma. After laying the blame for their failures on Bush, conservatives in general, the rich, Christians, and just about anyone else to the right of Karl Marx, they've finally gotten around to blaming The Empty Suit.

It's truly sad to watch this cannibalistic self-destruction, but to paraphrase The Iron Lady (Maggie Thatcher) the problem with liberalism is that after a while, you run out of other people to blame.

Being incapable of seeing the problem staring at them from the mirror, liberals would prefer to believe that the rest of us "just don't understand" their message. Heaven forfend that they might finally come to the conclusion that we do indeed understand their message -- we simply don't agree with it.

But then, liberalism was never about rational thinking anyway, so what do you expect?


A Fitting Tribute

You can't make this stuff up. The Los Angeles Unified School District has decided to name a new school partly after failed Presidential candidate and environmental whacko Algore. Adding to the irony is its being built on land contaminated by old underground storage tanks.

But it gets better. This isn't just any old government school. This one is called the Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental "Sciences", with Algore getting second billing to the late environmental hysteria monger Rachel Carson.

And there's more! There's a working oil well operating right across the street!

About the only improvements we can think of would be to contract out the school cafeteria to McDonald's and have the school song written by Twisted Sister.


Weekend At Bernanke's

Oh, great. The Fed chairman is set to is set to testify to Congress that what this country needs in order to get out of the mess we're in is more of the same nonsense that got us into it in the first place.

There is, of course, no such thing as "too big to fail". Just like the little guys, the big guys should be allowed to suffer the consequences of their actions. And this includes not just the government, but quasi-governmental agencies like the Fed. What we need in this country is not more of the same, but something different.

A good start would be replacing Bernanke with Sheila Bair. Her take on things:

"Never again should taxpayers be asked to bail out a failing financial firm," Bair told community bankers in a speech in March. "It's time that the big players understand that they sink or swim on their own."

Just like the little guys.