In Praise of Ted Kennedy




Cash For Congresscritters

Libertarians, realizing the failure of the President's "Cash For Clunkers" rebate program, have promulgated a major new plan.

The Party is expected to make this major announcement at a news conference later this week. We have obtained an advanced copy of the proposal, which is named:

"CASH FOR CONGRESSCRITTERS", and it works like this...

Citizens wishing to promote smaller, less intrusive government, individual freedom, and more free enterprise will be required to turn in one member of Congress. The amount the government grants them will be fixed according to a sliding scale. Older and less freedom-minded 'Congresscritters' will garner the highest amounts.

Special "Bonuses" will be paid for those submitting Congresscritters in targeted groups, such as liberal Democrats, RINOs, tax cheats, and any member of the House Ways & Means Committee.

Smaller bonuses will be given for Congresscritters who have voted in favor of the 2nd Amendment, lower taxes, less government spending, or against the appointment of Ben Bernanke or Sonja Sotomayor.

Initally, the plan was that all Congresscritters would be rendered totally useless via toxic injection. However, this part of the plan was deleted due to the fact that all of the target Congresscritters were totally useless anyway. Instead, they will be shipped off to some remote South Pacific island where they can harm no one but themselves.

Land Of A Thousand Fnords

(Hat tip to FSK for introducing us to this new word "fnord".)

If you don't grok the word "fnord" , there's not really much we can do to help you. If you do grok it, there's not really much we need to do.

With that out of the way, it would seem to us that there are two kinds of fnords lurking about in modern discourse: evil fnords and stupid fnords. Just for fun, we decided to list a few of our favorites, segregated by type. (Note that we are merely alluding to them, not necessarily quoting them verbatim. It should also be noted that most fnords are evil, in that they are designed to cause you to behave in a way that is not in your best interests.)

Evil fnords:
"right-wing extremist". This is a particularly pernicious fnord used by statist collectivists to demoniza anyone less collectivist than FDR.

"domestic violence". Since this is used for the two-fold purpose of demonizing men as being particularly and uniquely violent, while at the same time obscuring female domestic violence, it becomes more evil than stupid.

"unskilled labor". Every job requires some level of skill. Accepting this fnord means that you will also most likely accept the idea that your work is worth less than its true value to the people you're working for.

"________ rights". Anytime someone starts to hold forth about any kind of rights except Constitutional rights, you can be sure your Constitutional rights are about to be violated.

"hate". The Lunatic Left uses "hate" to describe anything they don't like; e.g. "hate speech" is any expression they don't like or can't successfully argue against.

"misspoke". Whenever you hear this one, be sure that the person who "misspoke" said exactly what he or she meant, but got caught in a firestorm of protest and is desperately trying to back-pedal.

"disadvantaged". This is just another way of saying "parasites". Yes, there are people born blind, retarded, crippled, etc.. This is a true disadvantage in life. But when you hear people speak of "disadvantaged", this is not what they mean 99% of the time. What they're referring to is the welfare parasites who make bad choices in life and then expect the rest of us to make it all better.

"control". When you hear people in the political arena talking about "control", you can rest assured that what they want to control is you.

Stupid fnords:
"Mainstream media". The dominant news media in this country (mostly ABCNNBCBS and National Propaganda Radio) are so far out of the mainstream that they don't even know where it is.

"right wing"/"left wing". These two yin-and-yang fnords are used by collectivists all over the political map to snooker everyone else into accepting their distortion of the political landscape . Once you learn to see through this particular fnord, you find yourself in a much larger political world.

"reverse discrimination/racism". Discrimination is discrimination and racism is racism, no matter who the target is.


Good-bye And Good Riddance

So, Sen. Teddy "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy has finally succumbed to brain cancer and gone on to his eternal fate. Can't say we'll miss him. What a phony.

Unfortunately, we'll all now have to suffer thru heaven-knows-how-many stomach-turning "tributes" to one of the most extreme leftist ever to serve in the US government.

If we have time, we'll take one of those propaganda pieces "news" stories and re-word it to more accurately reflect the reality of the old reprobate's life. This should be fun.


The Marines Have Landed

Once a Marine, always a Marine.

So long as there are men like this, there is a glimmer of hope for America.

Let's all hope that Washington State's 3rd Congressional District gets a new Representative next year.

As a side note, HotAirPundit does not have comments enabled, but HotAir.com does. Most of the comments are well worth reading.

Perhaps -- just perhaps -- the sleeping giant is awakening. Let's hope it's not too late.

Semper Fi, sir.


Our (Small) Town

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a distinct correlation between the size of a town (as portrayed by Hollyweird) and the values of the people who live there?

Consider: movies and TV shows set in LA, NY, Washington, or any other large city are populated by people who don't believe in family, personal responsibility, individual liberty, or any sort of Higher Authority.

Those set in small town America are the opposite (think "Mayberry RFD", "Jericho", etc).

Worse yet, all those big-city collectivists are shown as being "sophisticated" and "enlightened", while small-town folks are portrayed as backwards and "out of touch".

Interesting cultural divide.

(And which group -- in reality -- is the happier, more fulfilled bunch?)


Man Of The Year

Kenneth Gladney

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit for putting all together in one place so well.

Don't start any betting pools as to when King Barry will be inviting this fine man to the White House. Unless maybe your calendar includes "Hell Freezes Over".


Quote Of The Month

Hat tip to Travis over at TJICistan for this one. Read the whole story, but here's the money quote:

Doing the math, I also note that she got knocked up when she was 16, so we’re already pre-selecting for idiocy.

Don't look for a better quote this month. Unless King Barry I says "I resign", there won't be one.


A Ruly Mob

What follows is something we posted over on Facebook, the the discussion forum for The People's Mob. (As soon as their actually Web site is up, we'll link to it. For now, it exists only on Facebook.)

By all means, let's go after TPTB and hold their feet to the fire. However, let's do it in such a way that our behavior is above reproach. Let's face it, the dominant "news" media are going to to twist things around no matter what we do. Let's not give them any ammunition.

Go back and read about the Peaceful Revolution in Czechoslovakia and eastern Germany. Look at how well-behaved the people were. WE CAN DO THE SAME THING HERE!

One of the most unsettling things for our adversaries is when we refuse to be baited. Especially if we show up to their scripted "town hall" meetings -- readily identifiable in some way -- and simply remain silent.

As a side note, what we need at this point is some readily identifiable symbol; something small yet noticeable. Any ideas?

Update: A few ideas were kicked around regarding a symbol. As we noted in the discussion, eagles and flags are all well and good, but The Ruly Mob needs something more unique. Our own suggestion was a 3-cornered hat with a red-white-and-blue cockade, similar to what the colonists wore. Since they too were fighting to throw off the oppressive yoke of a tyrannical government, the symbolism seems quite appropriate.


Hell Hath No Fury

...like four women scorned. We've got no sympathy for the fool, although it must be said that even Paxton Quigley didn't get it that bad.