Sauce For The Goose

Mr. Chips decided recently that a career change was in order and so picked up an employment application at a place that was hiring.

Does anyone ever actually read those things? Especially all the fine print. The last page consists of about three-fourths of a page of the usual boilerplate that requires you to sell your soul give up just about all your rights in return for the measly pittance they deign to pay you. Some of them also contain language to the effect that the employer can alter the terms of employment at their pleasure with no notification or negotiation.

Who writes these things? Darth Vader?

The problem we have with conservatives is that they go in for crap like this. Conservatives seem to think that employers hold all the cards and the (prospective) employee can go suck air.

Liberals, on the other hand, want the exact opposite. They -- thru their goonion minions, and with the ever-more-willing help of the government -- want to dictate the terms of employment to the employer.

Apparently, only libertarians are interested in a level playing field where both employer and employee have rights and each respects the rights of the other, negotiating to a point where both are truly satisfied with the outcome.

As things stand now, a person joining a union is merely trading one set of masters for another. Not to worry, though. It won't be long now until the whole thing falls together like a house of cards.


At 6:30 PM, June 16, 2007, Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

When I was a kid, it only took a couple minutes to fill out an application, because that was all you had to fill out.
Now, there's the application, a "non-discrimination" paper from the EEOC that asks for all the information an employer would request if he were going to discriminate against you based on race or color, a worthless I-9 government form that's allegedly going to make sure you're not a wetback (LMAO!!!) other freaking government pieces of paper you have to file so the employer knows how much to steal on Der Schtaat's behalf, etc, &c...WTF!?
I thought a job was supposed to be an agreement between me and my customer ("employer")...Why the hell should Der Schtaat be involved at all, unless one of us calls them!?


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