Live It, Learn It, Love It

From some recent discussions with our fellow Linksters, it becomes even more apparent that loving the Constitution and understanding it do not go hand-in-hand. These are people who belong to a demographic widely known for a love of the Constitution, yet there does not seem to be an overabundance of them who truly understand it.

On the other hand, you have people like the senior Senator from West Virginia, who is widely hailed as having a deep understanding of the Constitution, yet who obviously has no great love for it.

Those who love the Constitution need to learn more about it, in order to successfully counter those who would use its very provisions to destroy it and our whole way of life. It does little good to profess a great love for the most inspired governing document of all time, if one has no clue as to how it is supposed to work. Perhaps, in addition to teaching the Scriptures, there should be a Sunday School class devoted to studying our most basic law.

What draws us to libertarianism is the idea that the Constitution is not there to enforce anyone's particular idea of morality. We'll leave that to a Higher Power. The Constitution is merely there to set forth the form, function, and limits of government and to guarantee our God-given rights and freedoms. Trying to use the Constitution -- or any other law -- to force our neighbors to do our bidding is not only against the spirit of that great document, but contrary to Christianity as well.

Did not the Savior teach us that we should "do unto others" as we would have others do unto us? Is not the heart and soul of libertarianism the concept that the only crimes are those actions that deprive another of the right to life, liberty, or property by force or by fraud?


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