Vox's Rules For Finding A Wife

The esteemed Vox Day passes along his 10 rules for finding the right wife. (Rendered gender-neutral, the same rules would apply to women seeking the right husband.) The entire article is well worth reading.

1. Is she a woman of genuine faith?

2. Does she accept the notion of personal responsibility?

3. Are you comfortable with her?

4. Can she entertain herself?

5. Does she genuinely put the interests of others first?

6. Do your friends and family think she's good for you?

7. Does she attempt to control you?

8. Does she treat you with respect, in public and in private?

9. Are you in agreement on the larger issues?

10. Finally, do you know her? Really, truly know her?

Years ago, we said that it seemed like too many people wanted to get married in the worst way and that's what they seemed to be doing. Being in a hurry is what gets people in trouble. "Marry in haste, repent at leisure."


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