Life's Harsher Realities

So, Bill O'Reilly (no fan of the ACLU) does a segment on a lawsuit filed by the ACLU to overturn a not-yet-enacted law in Virginia that would make it illegal to locate a methadone clinic with half a mile of a school or "government-sponsored" day-care center (are the private day-care centers out of luck?). O'Reilly argues that children should be shielded from some of "life's harsher realities".

Arguing the ACLU's case for them (since they're too chicken to send one of their own, was "civil rights" attorney Michael Gross, who quite correctly argued that such a law would be discriminatory.

Of course, we must point out that shielding children from "life's harsher realities" does no one any good. As we've said for years: never underestimate the value of a bad example. Children need not have their noses rubbed in this sort of thing, but it can't hurt for them to see that not everyone lives a great life. Not to mention the value of letting them see the consequences of stupid choices.

Life has a lot of "harsh realities". Get used to it.


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