The Old Sarge reports that things are not all that well in the military. Time was, when a ranking person told you to do something, you did it without complaining. Or, at least, complained later. Nowadays, in our "kindler, gentler" military, you get to complain about anything that makes you "feel bad".

Did we miss something here? Isn't the job of the military to protect our country? Aren't they supposed to be ready, willing, and able to endure great hardships -- even death? So what's the big deal when someone says "No, you can't have that" or "No, you don't get preferential treatment"?

We give this country only a few more years before everything falls completely apart. The only thing that could save this country is if people wake up and realize what's happening. And there are no signs that that's going to happen among the general population.

God help America....


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