Who's Going To Be #3?

Former Pres. Reagan's passing has left the world a lesser place. The only positive aspects to his passing are #1: he's in a better place and his earthly troubles are over; and #2: now is a great opportunity for everyone on the loony left to show us all just how hypocritical they can be. People who vilified him mercilessly during his presidency are now singing his (albeit faint) praises.

We spoke some time back with a guy who was at an occasion where Pres. Reagan spoke. As he entered, everyone rose (as befits the entrance of he POTUS). All except one person -- ABC's Sam Donaldson. What a jerk. And here we were treated to SD reporting on the death on ABC. (For only a few moments, of course. We do have our limits.)

And yesterday, The Good Lord saw fit to take Ray Charles from us. Most of the so-calld "black leaders" aren't worthy to shine his shoes. Not only was he an incredibly gifted musician, but a real human being as well. Probably did more to improve race relations in this country than all the black politicians and black preachers put together. Maybe Heaven was just in need of some good music....


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