Having It Both Ways, Part I

For some strange reason, it's perfectly OK for those who are consumed by a white-hot hatred of George Bush to post an on-line ad equating him with Adolf Hitler. But somehow, it's not OK for the Republicans to use that same footage to show just how nasty the Left can get with its constant ad hominem attacks.

If the Left had any actual ideas that could be proven to be beneficial to this country, maybe they wouldn't have to resort to hysteria to quite literally scare up votes. One excellent example of this is the so-called "War On Terror", which -- misguide though it might be -- is a far better approach to the matter than the appeasement being promoted by the bed-wetters of the Left Coast. Anyone who ever grew up in a tough neighborhood knows that the way to get rid of a bully is not thru appeasement, but by giving him a bloody nose; with the proviso that if he's willing to behave himself, peaceful co-existence is possible. Unfortunately, the American Left has learned nothing from the bad example of Neville Chamberlain.

Not that the Republicans' hands are completely clean. Taking away the rights and freedom of law-abiding citizens and leaving our borders wide open is hardly the way to discourage those who will kill us for no other reason than who and what we are. It's good to hear a President finally using the "f" word (freedom), but it would be far better if he'd stop paying lip service to it and actually work toward it. Let decent people loose and crime of all types will drop precipitously.

Perhaps a Libertarian President would have enough sense to call upon Congress to do what it should have done all along and issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal. Oh, there's that pesky Constituion thing getting in the way again.


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