Burning The Flag

From all appearances over the years, school officials in the Kalifornia People's Republik have no problem with burning the American flag, but they seem to have suddenly developed a lot of sensitivity when it comes to foreign flags.

Let there be no mistake: buring any flag is a perfectly legitimate form of protest. For those who remember the halcyon days of Internet taglines: The right to burn the flag is the best reason not to. (As a side note, during a conversation a few years ago about wetbacks burning the American flag down on Civic Plaza, The Old Sarge asked Wolfman what he thought the life expectance would be of anyone who went down there and burned the Mexican flag. The concensus was "about five minutes".)

But Heaven forfend that students in Kalifornia "desecrate" the image of a flag associated with terrists. One wonders just how many taxpayer dollars were wasted in trying to suppress that little exercise in political expression.

Stupid quote of the story:
A student who is not a member of the club had filed a complaint with university officials after the protest.

The student claimed that the Republican students engaged in "acts of incivility" and "intimidation" and created a "hostile environment" by publicly walking over the terrorist flags.

Yeah, that's way worse than blowing up innocent children.


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