The Three Racist Stooges

It seems that the good rabbi is a good deal more Christian than some people who go by the title of "Reverend". (Not that we've cleared up just who "ordained" Jesse Jackson, who seems to have appropriated the honorific out of thin air.)

Instead of trying to fish a mote out of White America's eye, the Three Racist Stooges should work on getting the beam out of their own eyes. What's particularly galling is that, while non-Black Americans are opening their homes, wallets, and hearts to the victims of Katrina -- without regard for ethnicity -- these three and the limousine liberals who support them can find no more useful pursuit than to stir up trouble.

As an interesting side note, the Jews have an expression ("Olam") which refers to a "righteous Gentile"; i.e. a Gentile who lives according to Jewish morality. Perhaps it wouldn't be too far out of line to refer to Rabbi Aryeh Spero as an "honorary Christian".


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