Oh, Now She Wants Her Privacy!

That hopeless lunatic who's been camped near Pres. Bush's ranch near Crawford, TX (we won't mention her name) suddenly decides -- now that her mother has had a stroke and her family is gathering around -- that she wants her privacy. (Might there be some connection between her outrageous behavior and her mother's stroke?)

Sorry, lady -- in for a penny, in for a pound. How very convenient that your mother is ill, now that those few people in the media who don't have to turn right to see FDR are beginning to look into your background. Well, while you're off taking care of mama, the rest of us will be taking an uncomfortably close look at your life.

The one thing we'd like to know (and surely, others have thought of this) is: who's picking up the tab? From what we've been able to gather, MoveOn.org and Ben of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Yeah, real "mainstrem" folks, huh?



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