World Leader????

Today's Parade magazine has a cover story title "Are Men Smarter Than Women?". (Let's not go there. We all know the politically correct answer to that one.) Imagine our surprise, however, at seeing a certain former President's picture in the upper left-hand corner with the caption "World Leader".


Perhaps someone at Parade could explain just how the rest of the world managed to vote for the President of the United States. We certainly don't recall seeing his name on any foreign ballots, nor do we recall election returns from any other countries (with the exception of absentee ballots from American citizens).

Notwithstanding the certainty of significant numbers of illegal aliens casting fraudulent ballots, the President of the United States is elected only by and for Americans. And if he's doing the job he's supposed to be doing (which is at best questionable in the noted case) he's got his hands full just running the United States government.

Not that Parade has any biases in the matter, you know.


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