The Laugher Curve

Back in 1974, Art Laffer sketched a little graph on a cocktail napkin, showing how increases in taxation resulted in decreases in revenue, and vice versa. All these years later, the Left still doesn't understand this simple principle.

But there are other principles the Left also chooses to ignore. One is a variant of the Laffer Curve. The more extreme their anti-freedom, anti-America, anti-individual rhetoric, the less credible they are to the rest of us, and the less attention we pay them.

Not that we agree with with everything the current administration is doing. There are plenty of things with which we most vehemently disagree. But knee-jerk, vituperative invective does nothing to improve the situation, and only serves to make the opposition look desperate and disengenious. And the harder they try, the shriller they scream....


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