It's No Use

"Few men desire liberty. Most men wish only for a just master."

Sallust, Roman statesman

Having observed the political scene in this country for over four decades, it is our considered opinion that there is no hope.

Someone once said that there are 4 boxes that can be used to effect political change: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the bullet box. With the possible exception of the virtual soap box in the blogosphere (the only small ray of hope there is in this situation), there is almost no dissenting opinion in this country. Pre-fabricated opinions are spoon-fed to the masses by media conglomerates more interested in profit and the cult of personality than in fulfilling its traditional role as a watchdog of the government.

The bi-factional ruling party's death grip on the electoral process has effectively frozen out such worthy minor parties as the Libertarians and the Constitution Party. Even if that were not so, more people could tell you who won the latest round of American Idol than who their representatives in Congress are.

The latest ruling from the Supreme Court should be enough proof that the judiciary itself has made a mockery of our judicial system. And the citizens of this country have done nothing to stop that. (When's the last time you got -- and weaseled out of -- a summons to jury duty?) Not one person in twenty could even tell you the real meaning of "jury nullification".

That leaves only one box. Frightening, isn't it?

So everyone sits around, saying "Tsk, tsk". But who is actually doing anything? Have you written to your representatives to demand change? Or are you too busy watching the big game? Instead of an amendment banning the burning of the flag, how about demanding an amendment to curb the abuses of eminent domain? (This can -- and should -- be done at the State level, but a Federal amendment wouldn't hurt.)

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

God help America.


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