Lean, Mean, Fighting Machines?

The Old Sarge weighs in on the state of military fitness:

It's no damn wonder people in society generally aren't fit, what with all the sitting down we do. But it's inexcusable for military people to not be fit. Of course, if we spent a bit more time doing soldierly stuff and a lot less time sitting on our butts, we'd probably be in better shape.

A squadron commander I once served under used to say that if we could fight wars with paperwork, we could take over the world. Sadly, he was right.

The bad part is, not only do we spend far too much time sitting down and not enough time staying fit, the fitness "standards" are a joke -- especially in the "Chair Force". Let's hope the incoming Chairman of the JCS (a Marine!) can make some serious changes. I'd love to see him get all those "perfumed princes" of the Pentagon out in the parking lot every morning for calisthenics.

Probably never happen, Sarge. The worst thing you can do in a bureaucracy is upset the status quo. However, if it did ever happen, the rest of the world would know the USA means business when it comes to fighting.


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