Got Freedom?

So, how many of you are celebrating this Fourth of July?

Now, how many are celebrating Independence Day?

Ah, big difference there, eh?

Amidst all the picnics, games, fireworks, movies, shopping, etc., etc., etc., it seems the real meaning of this day gets lost.

We could cite any number of quotes on the subect, but we'd prefer to be more original on this day.

Freedom is heady stuff, but it's also scary. By accepting freedom, you must accept that other people are going to do things you might not agree with. However, our libertarian philosophy would not be consistent if we did not acknowledge that unless one's actions deprive another of the right to life, liberty, or property, one's actions should not be a crime.

Of course, there is an obvious difference between morality and legality. There are many legal things which we find morally repugnant (although the same cannot be said in reverse; we can think of no moral action which we would find legally repugnant).

Another obligation of accepting freedom is that one must accept responsibility for one's own actions and inactions. So, you decided to take up smoking? Well, the fault for your lung cancer lies with you. Didn't pay attention in school and got bad grades? Tough cookies, you can't blame the teacher.

If you're willing to accept freedom on its own terms, than the credit is all yours when things go right. And when things go wrong....

Accepting responsibility also means relying on oneself in the first instance to run one's own life. Instead of calling for yet another government program to spend yet more taxpayer dollars, the free man looks first to himself to take care of his needs. If one's own resources are insufficient, one then seeks to exchange something of value for what one needs. Only in extreme circumstances does the free man rely on charity, and then only private charity.

Happy Independence Day. Enjoy what freedom you have left. And work for more.


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