Different Tack, Same Destination

Although we've never had the pleasure of going sailing, we are familiar with the art. Not every vessel is blesed to have the wind at its back, so sailors have devised a way of traveling thru a crosswind or even a headwind. This technique -- called "tacking" -- consists of zig-zagging back and forth across one's line of travelbut always in such a way that the vessel is nonetheless headed for its chosen destination.

In politics, it is also done this way. This vessel we're in called the United States is being steered toward tyranny. Oh, the politicians who steer her will zig left and zag right, but the destination is always the same. To complicate matters, too many of the passengers -- seduced by the siren song of socialism -- are insisting on rowing toward the rocks. Only when it is too late will they realize the folly of what they have done.


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