The Perfect Storm

Nowhere is the abysmal failure of American liberalism more in evidence than down in The Big Sleazy. The combination of incompetence at all levels of government, a lack of accountability, unpreparedness on the part of almost everyone, and a refusal to allow people to defend themselves, all came together in the most horrifying way.

Not that there weren't bright spots. Displaced persons were being offered shelter as far away as Utah. Neighbor helped neighbor. One young man even risked jail time by commandeering a school bus to evacuate people. (Perhaps the photo of all those unused school buses could serve as the ideal symbol of all that went wrong.)

The hysterical hoplophobes who have been trying for decades to gut the Second Amendment will probably still not see the folly of their ways. With decent citizes were disarmed before being allowed into the Stupid Superdome, the criminal element had free reign. (And while we're on the subject, why do the police or National Guard need special permission to shoot looters? Anyone should be allowed to do that.)


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