Hurricane Rita Forecast

Before the winds of Hurricane Rita have had a chance to abate, you can bet your bottom dollar that The Usual Suspects will be out denouncing the Bush Administration and yelling "racisim!". In accordance with their world view, of course, the lower level of death and destruction along the Texas Gulf Coast vis a vis New Orleans will be entirely due to the racist policies of the Bush Administration and have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with:

A) the fact that Texans are better prepared (due to their acceptance of responsibility for their own lives and welfare);

B) the higher level of preparedness on the part of the Republican administration of Texas; or

C) even FEMA getting its act marginally more together, due to lessons learned from the Hurricane Katrina experience.

No, this will be due entirely to the racist, bigoted policies of Bush and his rich cronies.

Coming soon to a press conference near you. You can count on it.



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