1,660 Days

The esteemed Neal Boortz quite properly laments the results of a poll indicating that more Americans are concerned about health care than about terrorist attacks. There is an old saying that "all politics is local", and this is just further proof of that maxim.

However, it is understandable in light of the fact that health care is a more immediate concern than a terrorist attack which will probably hit "somewhere else".

That notwithstanding, it might be of some help to everyone -- the Bush administration included -- to have an occasional reminder.

At many venues (e.g., construction sites), we've noticed signs that proclaim that it's been so many days since the last accident with injury. Some military installations even have a sign at the entrance, noting how many times since the last DUI involving a military member. (The troops usually get a "down day" after 60 or so days without a DUI.)

Perhaps it would be a good idea for those interested in fairness and balance to make periodic note of how many days it's been since the last terrorist attack (9/11) on U.S. soil.


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