The Three Phases Of Eve

Between caring for Ming the Merciless in the aftermath of his late-night encounter with who-knows-what, and tending to various other things we've let slide, there's barely been enough time to even read other blogs, let alone keep this one up. However....

One of the things that just never seems to go away is this hysterical insistence by all parties on getting their "rights" -- said "rights" being nowhere to be found in the Constitution. One of the foremost of these groups, of course, is the "feminists". If you haven't read Dr. Mike Adams' continuing saga of dealing with the loonier fringe of the movement, you've missed some great entertainment.

What strikes us as odd is that there are three distinct groups of women who call themselves "feminists". The first -- and most inocuous -- of these consists of those women who have a legitimate complaint concerning their treatment at the hands of society, and wish nothing more than to correct the injustice(s) done to them. With these, we have no grief. It was perhaps they to whom Rush Limbaugh was referring when he said that feminism got started as a way to allow unattractive women greater participation in society (not that these women are universally unattractive).

These good souls have no real gripe with men per se, they merely seek to level the playing field. Unfortunately, too many of them have been seduced by the siren song of socialism and look first to the government instead of themselves in finding ways to deal with the injustices they encounter.

The second group is more difficult to deal with. They don't really want equality, they want an advantage. Many of them do seem to have some grip with men, legitimate or otherwise. These are the ones who see a "sexist" slight in every turn of the cards. These are they who whine and pout until they get what they want, and then wonder why men don't like them. They're more than happy to use their sexuality to bargain for what they want, but woe betide the man who is willing to partake without fully reciprocating.

The last -- and worst -- group is the "feminazis". These are the shrill man-haters who are out to change human nature by force. Loreena Bobbit is their patron saint and abortion is their sacrament. They'll have their way or destroy the world trying. They seek no compromise and give no quarter. Not only have they sewn the seeds of their own destruction, they seek to make everyone else as miserable as they are. To them, happy homemakers are only happy because they're idiots. If the poor fools could only be enlightened, they too would join The Cause.

One of the great hallmarks of the extremist is the lack of a sense of humor. Not only do the humorless harpies of the movement's fringe have no sense of humor (their constant deriding of males notwithstanding), they will not tolerate it in others. Such sad, pathetic creatures. Like the dog in the manger, they are incapable of partaking of what lies before them, but they also refuse to allow others to enjoy life.


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