OK, this is a bit late, but we had to psych ourself up to watch this crap.

While several Americans were busy watching the Stupor Bowl, CBS had an hour to fill. Instead of their regular muckraking, they decided to go with some nonsense about "superstar" Hollyweird types. Only one problem: not a one of those "$uper$tar$" was anywhere to the right of FDR. The list:

U2, whose lead singer wants you to forego being repaid all those tax dollars embezzled by African dictators. Oh, and he also wants even more of your tax dollars to pay for the consequences (viz. AIDS) of African immorality.

Shery Crow, the little hypocrite who was so quick to praise our troops in Bosnia -- where we had no dog in the fight and were not invited by anyone -- and then turn around and criticize our involvement in Iraq, where we slowly gathered 29 nations and enforced all those UN resolutions in a "unilateral rush to war".

Sting, aging rock star, not exactly known as a "right-wing extremist".

George Clooney; do we really need to day anything about this lunatic?

Hillary Skank Swank; what was she -- comic relief?

Michael Tilson Thomas; conductor of the San Francisco symphony; "anti-war activist" and queer as a $3 bill. Great role model.

Placido Domingo; politics unknown. Probably the least offensive of the lot. But not exactly known for marital fidelity, if we remember correctly.

Cirque du Soleil; hedonistic "circus" performing in "Lost Wages" (a.k.a. Las Vegas)

OK, politics aside -- they couldn't find anyone better than these guys?


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