And The Winner Isn't....

This week's Henry Waldo Award For Literary Excellence does not go to Dan Patrick. Sitting in for Laura Ingram the other day, he addressed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as "General Gonzales". Someone give this cretin a style book. "Mr Attorney General" would have been perfectly acceptable, as would "Mr Gonzales". But the Attorney General is not a military position.


At 11:01 AM, January 13, 2006, Blogger El Borak said...

Actually, "general" is a fairly-commonly accepted among attorneys general, if only because it is pretty cumbersom to keep saying "Attorney General so-and-so. When I was in the AG's office in Kansas, we referred to Attorney General Kline as General Kline, a practice shared among any number of state AG's offices and in such mundane places as senate committee hearings:

Probably not precisely "correct" linguistically, but there you go...


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