Bias? What Bias?

The inherent left-wing bias over at the History Channel is getting harder to ignore. Their latest "survey" asks the question: Is tax-subsidized oil exploration in the U.S. a solution to rising gas prices? As if nothing else in the U.S. is tax-subsidized...

They really can't afford our services as a consultant, but we really should point out that if they really wanted to run an objective survey, the should ask: "Is oil exploration in the U.S. a proper part of the solution to rising gas prices?".

Of course, an even better way to go about it would be a multiple-choice question asking "Which of the following would contribute best to lowering high gas prices?" and including such responses as building more refineries, lowering the tax on gasoline, mandating one nationwide blend (instead of the current 55 local blends), and drilling in the already approved Parcel 1002 in ANWR.

On second thought, we can't have people thinking for themselves in this country. Who knows what that could lead to?



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