Secular Jihad

For anyone who thinks that what's going on in the Middle East -- and being exported around the world -- is a "religious" war, this makes for good reading.

We've said before in other venues that the "jihad" against the West is nothing more than the continuation of the struggle between freedom and tyranny that has existed since before this world was created. This "holy war" is about as much about religion as the Crusades were. (And for those who actually believed what they were taught in government schools, the Crusades were less about "recapturing" Palestine than about securing the Spice Road to India and China. Or did you think that Chris Columbus was looking to mine Haifa's harbor?)

More than anyone else, Christians should recognize that there are those (Satan and his minions) who would willingly enslave us. And there are those (Christ and his followers) who would show us the way to freedom. Before this world was even formed, there was a war in Heaven over which approach to take. Should the children of our Heavenly Father be taught correct principles and allowed to govern themselves? Or should they be coerced into doing what is right?

Part one of that war has already been won. Now it has changed venue, but not abated in the slightest. There are still those who would enslave you and use force to get you to do what they consider "right". And there are those who would teach you a better way and allow you to make your own choices and allow you to learn from the consequences.

It is not at all surprising that the orchestrators of this secular "jihad" are Marxists. Or does anyone really think that Khalida Jasim belonged to some really liberal sect of Islam that not only tolerated a woman running the show, but also prostituting herself in order to advance the cause? (Hint: she was a member of a terror organization led by George Habash, founder of the Marxist "Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine".)

Quick -- how do you say "useful idiots" in Arabic?



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