The Envelope, Please....

And this week's winner of the Henry Waldo Award For Literary Excellence does not go to the makers of the plastic trays Winn-Dixie uses for its fried chicken*.

On the top is the warning: "Not ovenable, (sic) for one time microwave reheating of food only. Other uses may cause melting or injury."

OK, aside from the missing hyphen ("one-time", not "one time") and the incorrect use of "may" where "might" or "could" is proper, where the heck did "ovenable" come from? This idiotic fad of turning nouns into verbs has definitely gone too far.

Maybe Winn-Dixie could let us know who the culprit is so we can prize 'em.

(*Not all Zennists are vegetarians. Some of us still eat little dead animals. That's what they're on this Earth for.)


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