Phoning It In

One of the disadvantages of being on the road so much is the unpredictability of 'Net access. Driving 1400+ miles in two days doesn't do much to help the situation either. Rather hard to publish this blog at 65mph with no 'Net access. But, travel we must. Of course, the first stop was Santa's workshop, to have some repairs made to The Original Mobile Home. After that, and after a lunch visit with Wolfman and Pack Rat, it was off into the Rockies for some vacation.

We were really hoping to meet up with some of our fellow Linksters, but that didn't pan out. Mostly due to incredibly tight scheduling. There is a chance, though, that we might be able to get together after the spring thaw. Pack Rat actually considered the idea of relocating, and we could certainly use an assistant at the Center. We've known each other for enough years that he would do well in the job, even though it doesn't pay. It's a pity, though, that we can't take him on as a student, no matter how much he'd benefit from the experience. Familiarity breeds contempt, and we've known each other for too long. He'd never survive the initial interview.

Despite the chilly nights, it was good to see where we lived so many years ago. Most of the changes to the place have been good, although some spots have lost their character. We can't help but wonder why it is that "modern" architecture has to be so soul-less. The old buildings that are gone had charm and character. Their replacements have all the warmth and personality of a hospital waiting room.

If we can find a good place to hole up for the winter, we might actually make some progress on our book. It really doesn't need all that much to get it ready for publication, but we'd like to at least get some feedback from Pack Rat, since we value his opinion. The next week or so should bring progress on that front.


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