Another One Doesn't Get It

Writing in World Net Daily, David Kupelian tries to convince third-party voters that a vote for anyone but Bush "regardless of whatever personal virtues they possess, or those of their party's platform -- amounts to a vote for Kerry".

Sorry, we're still not buying it.

Compounding the problem is Kupelian's contention that the lesser of two evils is the greater good.

Nope, not buying that one either.

The tragedy that has already occurred is that we have reached the point in our Republic where honest candidates don't stand a chance.

Admittedly, we're not wild about Badnarik. Having met him, Gary Nolan, and Aaron Russo at the Libertarian Party National Convention in Atlanta, we remain convinced that Gary Nolan would have been the best candidate. But we do find Michael Badnarik far more acceptable than either Bush or Kerry.

Apparently, Mr Kupelian has fallen for the "Fourth Lie" about which we have already written (q.v.). According to his "logic", since we are all sinners, we should give up trying to find the best possible candidate and vote for the least evil capable of actually winning.

The best analogy we've heard for voting one's conscience goes like this: you're on death row, with a 50% chance of dying by lethal injection, a 45% chance of dying in the gas chamber, and a 5% chance of escape. Which one do you vote for?

The fact that the majority of American voters might support Kerry is no reason for any of us to vote for "the lesser of two evils". In so doing, we would still be supporting an evil. Hardly a righteous choice for a Christian. The object of our vote, of course, is not "to avoid supporting evil", it is to support the most worthy candidate and let the chips fall where they will. If this country elects John Kerry, then this country is getting exactly what it deserves.

It is sad that we do not have "a clear choice between a better option and a worse option". Instead, we have a choice among several options, the top two being bad and much worse. As the esteemed Vox Day has so aptly pointed out, Mr Bush is hardly a conservative. More like "socialist lite". If a bad choice is forced upon us by an electorate that is either stupid, lazy, wicked, or some combination of the above, so be it. But we refuse to co-operate in our own destruction.

There might be a million compellingly logical reasons to re-elect Pres. Bush. But him being "the better man" is not one of them. In our view, Mr Badnarik is clearly not only the better man, but the best man in the race.

Nor do the exigencies of the current socio-political climate constitute a valid reason. As Paul Harvey pointed out, in times like these, it helps to remember that there have always been times like these.

Times change, principles don't. Vote your conscience and hold your head high in the knowledge that you have done the best you can.

God help America.


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