And Your Alternative Is......?

OK, so -- barring any unforeseen change in the current situation -- we have no plans on voting for Pres. Bush's re-election (Mr. Badarik, the Libertarian candidate, gets our vote). However, we must admit to having long ago gotten pretty fed up with all the constant ad hominem attacks against Mr. Bush. Misguided and ill-advised though he might be, he does strike us as a decent human being who is trying to do what he earnestly believes is the right thing.

These attacks, of course, are coming from people who not only lack the intelligence required to run a hot dog stand, they also have absolutely nothing to offer the country except a visceral, white-hot hatred of the man who succeeded against great odds in defeating their candidate. Even that wouldn't be so bad if only they'd admit that it was a 7-2 decision, and not a 5-4 decision, by the US Supreme Court that ended the whole charade. (This prevented them from re-counting only selected precincts according to an ever-changing standard until they could pull ahead and declare victory. Instead, they were required to re-count ALL ballots in ALL precincts, according to one unchanging standard.)

It might also be slightly more tolerable if only they had something of substance to offer as an alternative. Unfortunately, even though Mr. Bush is clearly the lesser of two evils, the alternative is far worse. Where is the substance of Mr. Kerry's agenda? Should we vote for him for no other reason than that he wishes to replace Mr. Bush? (Oh, and that coupled with his four months of service in Vietnam.) What exactly does he plan to do if he gets elected?

For all of his faults, Mr. Bush is at least somewhat predictable. He's no conservative, that's for sure. But at least he (probably!) won't sell us out to the U.N. the day after inauguration.

We're reminded again -- as in the '92 election -- of Martin Luther's warning: "The angry mob does not ask how it could be better, only that it be different. And when it then becomes worse, it must change again. Thus they get bees for flies and at last, hornets for bees." In dumping Bush Sr for Clinton, the angry mob got bees. Will they now wind up with a hornet because of their insistence on change at the expense of improvement?


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