On The Road Again.....

Being on the road so much has its challenges. One of them is the unreliability of 'Net access. Fortunately, we'll be staying with Wolfman for a while and be able to use his or Santa's computer on a semi-regular basis. Not being able to read our usual on-line news is bad enough, but the idea of a blog is the occasional update, which we haven't been able to do.

Perhaps by Christmas we'll realize our dream of having a stable "base of operations". This "no fixed abode" stuff is for the birds. Even Bodhidarma had a cave to live in.

The one recent bright spot is that Pack Rat now has e-mail. All he has to do is learn to use it. And if Wonder Woman would only let us pay for an ISP subscription, she'd be a lot easier to keep in touch with.


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