Now That The Shoe's On The Other Foot....

Georgia's Governor Sonny Perdue has signed legislation that would allow people to register to vote when they buy a hunting license. That loud sound you hear will be howls of anguish coming from the left-wing loonies.

Back when the first "motor voter" bill was introduced, we stated our opposition to the idea. Voting is one that that should not be made overly easy, nor should it be taken lightly. If people aren't motivated to study the issues and candidates and find a way to the polls, perhaps they ought not to be voting.

Nonetheless, we're stuck with the practice, making it all the easier for certain groups to perpetrate vote fraud. And now that we've made it easier for some people to register, why not other groups? If it's OK to register voters when they get their driving license, what's wrong with registering people when they get a hunting license?

Ah.... those hunters tend to be on the conservative or libertarian part of the political matrix. That explains it. Can't have those pesky ol' conservatives and libertarians voting against all those big-government, tax-and-spend, run-your-life-for-you socialists now, can we?

It's always amazing how the shoe never seems to fit all that well on the other foot.


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