A Kinder, Gentler War??

So now, Jean-François Kerry says he would still have gone to war in Iraq, although he would have fought a "more thoughtful.... more sensitive" war.


Apparently, liberals really are those who just never grew up. Maybe this guy smoked too many left-handed cigarettes in college. War is nasty business, and there's nothing "thoughtful" or "sensitive" about it.

Then-General U. S. Grant said that the art of war is very simple: "find out where your enemy is, get to him as fast as you can, hit him as hard as you can, and keep hitting until he gives in".

Even in our day, Gen. "Stormin' Norman" Schwartzkopf declared that war is a matter of "breaking things and killing people, and the side that does that best is the side that wins".

Although it is true, as someone pointed out years ago, that "the country that will draw a broad line of demarcation between its thinking men and its fighting men will find its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools", the time to be thoughtful about war is well before the shooting starts. After that, pausing to think can prove fatal.

We've seen numerous charts of the various (and too numerous) military decorations that this country hands out and to our relief, there's not a one (yet!) that's awarded for "sensitivity". The highest awards are reserved for selfless acts of valor, not sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

God help America....


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