Running On His "Record"

And the beat goes on. Jean-Francois Kerry and his detractors are still going at it hammer and tongs about his four months in Vietnam. Aside from the obvious ramifications of his overblown and possibly falsified "record" of largely meaningless medals, one has to wonder why anyone would build an entire campaign around a four-month period 35 years ago and completely omit a 20-year Senate career.

This is one occasion when the old "what have you done for us lately" should rear its ugly head. Unfortunately, there seem to be far too few voters interested in that 20-year record. Or....? Maybe the voters are interested, but the dominant media are not. Since the dominant media have always carried water for the Democrats, this possibility should not surprise anyone.

And what exactly has Kerry done during the last 20 years in the Senate? His voting record (when he showed up to vote) puts him to the left of even Ted "Chappaquidick" Kennedy. Hardly a record to be proud of or to flaunt before the truly mainstream people of middle America.

Even though Michael Badnarik -- Libertarian candidate for President -- has our vote firmly in his back pocket, we can't help but hope that Bush wins anyway. If for no other reason than just to aggravate those whose sole motivation and interest in the campaign consists of absolutely nothing more or less than a white-hot, visceral hatred of Pres. Bush. May they stew in their own juices come November.


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