Red Herring

The esteemed Vox Day considers that the invasion of Iraq might be a "distraction". Ah, but a distraction for whom and from what? Is it intended to distract the American people from the "failure" to find Osama bin-Laden? Or is it intended to distract bin-Laden from an ever-tightening noose? It is claimed that coalition forces know pretty much where OBL is (inacessible though it be), but that they either can't or won't go in and get him.

Such things can work in either direction. Given that the area where OBL is rumored to be is a harsh and unhospitable climate, should the US and its allies really be letting all the world know that they're closing in on him? Since he has the "home court" advantage, that would only increase his advantage. (This all presupposes, of course, that he is in fact still alive -- an idea much in doubt, given the nature of his infirmities.)

This all harks back to the Lewinsky-Bosnia "wag the dog" scenario. Was the invasion of Bosnia a red herring to distract the American people from the president's adulterous dealings with Ms. Lewinsky, or was word of the affair leaked to distract people from the failed invasion of Bosnia? Hindsight being what it is, the passage of time might give a clearer focus on both situations.

Having been misjudged and misunderstood in our own life, we're more than willing to give Pres. Bush the benefit of some considerable doubt. Perhaps there are legitimate reasons -- having to do with national security -- why the whole story is not being told. Eventually, however, the story must be told. It can only be hoped that it will be told in time for the electorate to take appropriate action.


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