Why Didn't We Leave Them In Charge?

There's an old joke about how, when the white man got here, there was no national debt, no taxes, and women did all the work. And the white man thought he could improve on a system like that. Always good for a laugh, except among the PC crowd.

However, one should not discount the superiority of the aboriginals in some respects. While driving The Original Mobile Home up thru the Rockies, we had to make a pit stop at a remote gas station. Wondering if we might need to re-fuel before pressing on, we asked the attendant -- a Navajo woman -- how far it is to the next town. "40 miles", she replied.

After gassing up and heeding nature's call, we were about to leave but stopped long enough to congratulate her on the quality of her answer. By way of explanation, we mentioned that far too many people (many of them self-styled "superior" white people) would have said "An hour" or "45 minutes". Our question, of course, concerned distance and not time. Hence our congratulations to the young woman for being smart enough to answer the question in the same terms in which it was asked.

Of course, she'd never make it in politics.


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