Ah, but that's the problem.

Vox Day points us to an excellent editorial over at the LA Times:

Ideological feminism has ghettoized and trivialized the subject matter of women's writing. As a successful ideology, it has foreclosed debate — and debate is the hallmark of the public intellectual.

We wonder if either Vox or Ms. Allen fully understand the two-fold nature of the problem. The first aspect is that true thinking is anathema ot feminism -- or any other collectivist idealogy. These people don't think, they "feel". They esteem themselves to be great intellectuals because they've bought the tired, bankrupt idealogy of Marx lock, stock, and barrel. When one simply accepts and then regurgitates the rantings of another, one could hardly be considered to be "thinking". The only woman to the left of Ronald Reagan who even comes close to coherent thought is Camille Paglia. And she probably has the rest of them grinding their molars at the mere mention of her name. (We might not agree with Ms. Paglia, but we certainly admire her penchant for actually thinking before she opens her mouth.)

The other part of the problem -- alluded to by Ms. Allen -- is that collectivists (feminists among them) brook no disagreement, even within their own ranks. The only reason you could possibly disagree with them is because you're a sell-out to the cause. And when they finally see that they can't win the "debate", they kick over the card table and storm off in a huff.



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