Secret Agent Double-O Nothing

A federal appeals court panel upheld a ruling ruling against two reporters for refusing to divulge their sources for a story that revealed the name of an "undercover" CIA "operative".

Of course, there's only one small fly in the ointment: The "undercover" CIA "operative" was nothing more than a glorified, mid-level paper-pusher at Langley. Unless that's being used as some sort of really bizarre "cover" these days. (If she really were undercover, her husband would never have known about it.)

What's particularly disturbing about this is that one of the reporters (Judith Miller of the NY Times) never even published the story. All she did was gather background information for a story.

Let's hope the full appeals court has a bit more common sense. That might be a bit too much to ask in this day and age, though.

God help America.



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