Oh, The Irony Of It All

It looks like school officials in Orange County, Florida are trying to give their counterparts in Chicago a run for their money.

Apparently, tossing a rubber band onto a teacher's desk qualifies in Orange County as a "Level 4" offense -- ranking right up there with arson, assault and battery, and bomb threats.

The Liberty Middle School 7th-grader, 13-year-old Robert Gomez, picked up a the offending rubber band and put it on his wrist. When his teacher told him to give it to her, he tossed it onto her desk. For "assaulting" her with this "weapon", Gomez got a 10-day suspension and faces expulsion.

Liberty Middle School's principal used the fact that the case is still under "investigation" to avoid making any (possibly embarassing) comment on the case.

In typical fashion, the school district will use a series of meetings to stall for time and hope the whole thing blows over before actually making a decision on whether to back down and allow Gomez to continue school or risk an expensive -- not to mention embarassing -- lawsuit by trying to expel him.

We are, of course, absolutely delighted that things are otherwise going so well in Orange County schools that this is the biggest thing they have to worry about.



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