Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone

... we had to put some strawberry jam on it. Finally got our Breadman 7220 last week and made a loaf of whole wheat bread Sunday evening. Far more satisfying that anything sold in the grocery stores. As long as we have electricity, we might never buy another loaf of bread again. The only change we'll make to the recipe is substituting honey for molasses.

We'll also have to make a loaf to send to the Cat Lady. Need to find out if a 2-pound loaf will fit into a #4 box.

And we'll have to find a way to take it along when we hit the road and do our vagabond thing again. Having no fixed abode really sucks, but... one does what one has to do. If the batteries in the laptop last long enough, we'll have to do a write-up for Neal Boortz on the life of the Urban Outdoorsman. Wolfman would probably like a loaf of our bread, as would Packrat. Bag Lady would probably like it too, but Smokey's Wife makes her own, so we won't worry about it.

At least this time, we'll have a couple of cameras along to document the trip. Too often, one looks back over one's life and says "Gee, if only I'd....", which is why we've said that anyone who says of his life "I have no regrets" hasn't really lived. But, the smart ones learn from experiences.


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