The Other Neil Nails It

Neil Cavuto excoriates the "fools" (his word) who have not only been criticizing the low-carb Atkins diet, but also kicking him when he's permanently down. In terms of slander and libel, there should be a much higher standard regarding those who have passed on. Anyone who knows anything about nutrition knows that anything that ends in -ose is your mortal enemy.

Although it's true that Dr. Atkins died of heart failure brought on by cardiomyopathy, his condition was brought on not by his diet, but by a viral infection. Yes, he weighed 258 pounds when he died (at what height?), but 63 of those pounds were gained in the hospital, thanks mostly to the liquids given that pretty much force weight gain.

Shame on the "Physicians Committee for (Ir)Responsible Medicine for being such dishonest, craven cowards. They can't win on facts, so they cheat. Worse yet, they couldn't win when Dr. Atkins was alive, so they hope to "win" over his corpse.

What a bunch of ghouls....


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