Why Bush?

Even a luminary like Neal Boortz seems to think that we should vote for W because of possible Supreme Court vacancies which he would be in a position to fill. And better W than some Dummycrat who would only appoint people who have to turn right to see Karl Marx.

We say: why? If W isn't acting like a conservative on other issues, what is there to make us think that he would appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court?

The Lunatic Left already has its litmus test for SC appointees, as well as for presidential nominees who would/could wind up in a position to do the appointing. And that is that said nominees are not permitted to use abortion as a litmus test. Hmmm... Does W have the guts to stand up to the Left and say "Here's my nominee, how about a simple up-or-down vote"? Not bloody likely, from the look of things.

So, if W won't act like the conservative (or at least, anti-Socialist) that the voters want him to be, why should anyone but the left vote for him? Because he's not as bad as the alternatives? Gee, what a great campaign slogan: "Vote for our guy; he ain't near as bad as the other fella".

God help America.


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