To Choose or Not To Choose

Yesterday being the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision, there's bound to be plenty of demonstrations this weekend, mostly involving those who are rabidly obsessed with preserving "a woman's right to choose".

For many reasons, we four-square in favor of anyone's right to choose their own destiny. However, there's more than just one person involved in this "choice". If women want to choose not to have children, that's all well and good and we'll defend that right. But the choice has to come at the right time. After a certain point (i.e. conception), it's a moot point. Choosing to act irresponsibly and allow herself to get pregnant overrides any other choice a woman might have or want. One can choose one's actions, but not the consequences.

Of course, there are always those women who whine that if men were the one's who got pregnant, they'd behave a lot more responsibly. All well and good, we won't quibble with that one. But we do raise the point that since it is women who get pregnant, why don't they behave more responsibly? If you don't want to have children, don't get pregnant in the first place.

Perhaps it all depends on whose ox is being gored.


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