Yin versus Yang

Also sprach Vox Day:

It's always strange, too, to see how many lesbians literally cringe in fear from nothing more than the presence of a masculine man.

Oddly enough, it isn't just lesbians who recoil at the presence of a masculine man like Dracula from a crucifix. It's all the man-hating feminazis. We've had no little experience with the emasculators who simply can't stand the thought of any of the attributes that make a man a man. Such things as self-reliance, independence, the willingness to take on a challenge, or even the willingness to develop one's own abilities are anathema to these people.

What is it in the female psyche -- particularly the hard-core man-haters -- that prevents them from seeing the value of these qualities? Still more, what is it that makes them want to stamp out those qualities in others? Whatever happened to live and let live? If others choose not to exercise their God-given rights and talents, we certainly feel pity for them, but it should in no way impinge upon anyone else's right to exercise said rights and talents.

Could it be that their envy has been turned to hatred? If they got their wish and all the men were turned into "women" (so to speak), how long would it be before our entire society collapsed from decay? Without both yin and yang, we face nothing but oblivion in the void.

Besides, Prof. Henry Higgins' wishes to the contrary, men are not trying to turn women into men.


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