Go Ahead and Run It!

So CBS is winping out and won't run the Bush-bashing ad from MoveOn.org. Could it be that they're trying to save George Soros some money? Ads during the Stupor Bowl tend to be prohibitively expensive, and the word is that this ad would run $2,000,000 for 30 seconds. (Or is it $1,999,999.99?)

When Heather Wilson was running against Greg Maloof for the District One congressional seat in New Mexico, it was common knowledge that Maloof was willing to spend whatever it would take to win. Some wag had bumper stickers printed up saying "Make him spend it all, Heather!". Luckily for "North Mexico", Ms. Wilson won.

Soros has pledged $5,000,000 to try to beat Bush? Fine. Make him spend it all.


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