Left vs. Right

The Hollywood Hypocrites of the Left Coast would be a whole lot easier to tolerate if only their ideas made a modicum of sense. But where do they come up with their left-wing lunacy? Quite likely, it stems from the fact that they do most of their "thinking" with the right side of their brains. Although this creativity works fairly well in the make-believe world of entertainment, it doesn't work in the real world. One of the reasons for this is that they are forever chasing their socialist utopia. What they seem to forget is that "utopia" does not mean "good place", it means "no place". There simply is not -- and will never be -- such a place among humans.

Complicating the matter is the fact that most of these left-wing nuts are True Believers in communism. Problem is, communism has never been the goal of the Marxists; it has always been a red (no pun intended) herring, designed to distract us from their true goal of world socialism. There has never been a communist country in the history of the world. All the various "worker's paradises" loved so dearly by the lunatic left describe themselves as socialist, not communist. Which is right and proper, as that is the definition that fits those societies.

By contrast, the pie-in-the-sky ideas of the country club conservatives actually do work in the short run, although the tend to fall apart in the long run. Neither side seems to take human nature into account. At least the right-wingers have logic on their side, short-sighted though it is. Their slight advantage in this arena stems (no pun intended) from using the left side of their brains.

Are l/Libertarians whole-brained thinkers? It would seem so. Although some libertarian ideas are in the short run somewhat unfeasable (e.g., open borders), in the long run and in terms of the larger picture, they could actually work. The challenge for l/Libertarians is to prioritize their goals in light of the larger picture. Having open borders does no good if those open borders exist in a largely conservative or liberal world.

If there were no corporate welfare, and if the maxims of equity were applied along libertarian lines, there would be no need for minimum wage laws. Here is where both l/Libertarians and conservatives stumble. As Gandi said "we have enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed". A fair and equitable contract between employer and employee cannot exist where one side holds almost all the cards.

The challenge for l/Libertarians is to prioritize their goals, and then build coalitions with both liberals and conservatives when such coalitions will lead to the implementation of libertarian ideals.


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