Poor Little Rich Man

Ann Coulter pretty much nails John "F" Kerry for his hypocritical posing as one of the common folk. He tends to remind us of the rich kid whose class was given an assignment to write about poverty. "There once was a very poor family", wrote the kid. "The mother was poor, the father was poor, even the servants were poor..."

We can't help but wonder just how much Hamburger Helper Monsieur Kerry has consumed in his lifetime. His plaid shirt might be a tad more convincing if the elbows were threadbare and his shoes had been re-soled. What most of those running know about living a meager existence could be written on the back of a postage stamp. They'd all be a lot more tolerable if they'd simply say "You know, I've had a pretty easy life, but noblesse oblige and all that, so I'm running for office to reduce the size, scope and cost of government and help clear the way for you folks to make a better life for yourselves."

(For the record, we have not only eaten an inordinate amount of Hamburger Helper in our lifetime, but have also been homeless on several occasions.)


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