"No Place" Like Home

Young as she is, Sarah (The Ruminator) nails is quite succinctly. Apparently, she's had her eyes opened at quite a young age. The real problem with hard-core socialists is that they refuse to believe that their utopian vision of a socialist workers' paradise is impossible. Like spoiled children, they insist on having their way, even if it means the destruction of all things good.

We take great delight in reminding these little brats that "utopia" does not mean "good place"; it means "no (such) place". A place that never was and never will be until The Grandmaster of All Grandmasters returns to right all wrongs and rule His world according to eternal laws of righteousness.

Meanwhile, the rest of us must work and watch and wait and pray for His return.

Can't happen too soon to suit us.


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