Where Have All The Good Ones Gone?

Occasionally, we succumb to the siren song of television for something other than just news, commentary, and educational programming. The Digital Cable Free Preview Channel runs a variety of stuff they hope will cause the public to cough up some more dough, and some of it is actually worthwhile.

Last night was such an occasion. Apparently, they ran a few good oldies on "VH1 Classics". Some of it was actually worth listening to. Of course, most of it was junk. Which got us to thinking....

It's unfortunate that there's no one anymore who can hold a candle to some of the really great artists of yesteryear. Give us another Everly Brothers or Roy Orbison any day. It occurred to us that there have really not been a lot of really good female singers over the years.

True, there have been "stars", but a "star" is not necessarily a good singer. We think of women with great vocal range and expression. Such artists as Linda Ronstadt (an amazing repertoire), Olivia Newton-John (unbelieveable range) and Enya (an angelic voice if ever there was one) come to mind. Too bad that such luminaries as Britney and Christina waste what talent they have on cheap thrills.

Madonna was never much but a flash in the pan. Even the Spice Girls weren't much more than that, enjoyable as they were.

Carly Simon is a much better writer than singer, and but little by way of presence. Petula Clark and Stevie Nicks have lost their voices, as has Mary ("Peter, Paul &") Travers. Most of the kids one hears nowadays hardly even have a voice.

And what will the future bring?


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