"School Daze...

... school daze, good old broken rule days".

So, it seems that Anthony Trujillo, principal of Highland High School down in Albuquerque, got caught doing drugs and is currently in the hoosegow awaiting trial. Unbelievably, he's actually been relieved of his job (leastwise, for the time being).

The incoming replacement even made some crack about Highland's "60 years of excellence". Sorry, lady. Highland might have been around for 60 years, but there's never been any excellence in government schools.

The really sad part is that the students are all up in arms about this. Time was, kids would be dancing in the streets if their principal wound up in the Grey Bar Hotel. In such a case as this, some of them would actually be saying "Gee, how could he have done this?".

Nothing like government schooling, eh?


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